Antalya province is a tourism center in the south of Turkey, centered on the Mediterranean coast. North; Burdur, Isparta, Konya, to the east; Karaman, Mersin, west of; There are provinces of Muğla. The south is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. The length of the Turkish Riviera Antalya coast is 630 km.
History: Antalya, Province, meaning “Land of Attalos”. It was founded by Attalos. The city remained independent for a while after the end of the Kingdom of Pergamon (133 BC) and then fell into the hands of pirates. B.C. It was annexed to Roman territory by Commander Servilius Isauricus in 77 BC. B.C. In 67, it became a base for Pompey’s navy.
M.S. Hadrian’s visit to Attaleia in 130 BC enabled the development of the city. Attaleia, whose name is seen as a bishopric center during Byzantine rule, showed great development after it was captured by the Turks. Since the modern city was built on the ancient settlement, ancient ruins are very rare in Antalya. The first of the ruins that can be seen is a part of the harbor breakwater, which is described as the old harbour, and the wall surrounding the harbour. Hadrian’s Gate, which was restored on the part of the walls outside the park, is one of the most beautiful ancient monuments of Antalya.